Thursday, 13 December 2012

Party Time!

Today was Georgie's 4th birthday. A bit of background on Georgie - she's Ben's longest friend. He doesn't have many being as though he's not really all that interested, as it is so hard for him to understand what is going on but with Georgie something happens. He wants to be with Georgie, he gets her and she gets him (well she tries as hard as she can but sometimes he gets distracted by running water :)). Whenever we even head in the direction of Georgie's house he wants to go visit her and her mum Janine aka Jean. Georgie even has her own car seat in our car and you best believe when someone else sits in it Ben is the first to say that it is GEORGIE'S. We have had to educate Ben that yes it is where Georgie sits but other people can too. His response was that they can 'Borrow' Georgie's seat. 

Anyway I digress, as an outlet after my hectic days with Ben, I have taken up craft. Originally quilting but now I do almost anything with fabric. So I made Georgie a doll for her birthday

It really is great having Georgie in our lives. She gives me an excuse to make girl things (she is a most girlie girl) without having to have a girl myself! 
Ben was excellent at the party only fading out when the other kids did. I'm getting to be really proud of him and the way he is learning to handle social situations. While he is not one for singing he does now join in for 3 cheers. We only had one broken pot which was purely an accident and one escape attempt.

So to our special girl Georgie happy birthday! and may we watch you grow through many more! :)

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