Thursday, 6 December 2012

Strike Snacks and a Sea of Red

Yesterday, we headed off to the AEU Half Day Stop Work or as Ben decided we were off to a picnic. 
We had packed our strike snacks and headed off to Simon Ramsay's office to give the man a growly face according to Ben. You can see Ben's growly face here: photo 28.
We were honoured to see Mary Bluett, a stawlwart of the AEU, give her final address of a 31 year long career with the Union. Ben gave a wonderful 'Yay Mary' at the end.
The boys enjoying their strike snacks

I have to say thanks to Victoria Police - Ballarat for letting Ben sit in the police car as his reward after the rally, he even got to turn the lights on :) 

To read more about the campaign click here

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